Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire


Tree: Noyes Family Genealogy

Latitude: 42.8805600, Longitude: -71.3277800

Tree: Old North Yarmouth, Maine

Latitude: 42.8806425, Longitude: -71.327285


Pinkerton Academy
Pinkerton Academy
1st Parish Congregational Church
1st Parish Congregational Church
Church is at the entranceway to the Forest Hill Cemetery, Derry, NH
1st Parish Congregational Church sign, Derry, NH
1st Parish Congregational Church sign, Derry, NH
Derry, N.H. civil war monument
Derry, N.H. civil war monument
Erected in 1888 this monument is located in front of the First Parish Church, the oldest building in Derry. The Forest Hill Cemetery is connected to the church.


In Honor of the men of Derry, N.H.
who fought for the Union
1861 - 1865

There are four plaques, one listing those Killed in Action / Died in Service and the other three listing the names of those who were Honorably Discharged.
Derry, N.H. civil war soldiers killed in action and died in service
Derry, N.H. civil war soldiers killed in action and died in service
Killed in Action:
George Emerson, William Nowell, Jacob Hall, George E. Upton

Died in Service:
David H. Adams, James Adams, Jacob S. Bartell, Nathaniel E. Brickett, John S. Bean, Thomas S. Dustin, William H. Day, George E. Floyd, Dwight E. Hale, Henry Hayes, William Marshall, Joseph W. Nowell, John H. Parker, Joseph C. Sawyer, William H. Stevens, James Stevens, Edgar H. Shepard, Frank A. Taylor, Willis I. Taylor, George L. Warner.
Derry, New Hampshire civil war soldiers honorably discharged
Derry, New Hampshire civil war soldiers honorably discharged
Honorably Discharged:
Joseph Arnold, Horace F. Abbott, Charles B. Adams, George H. Adams, Morrison Alexander, Frank G. Adams, Charles Aldrich, Charles R. Adams, George H. Butterfield, George F. Boyd, Nathaniel H. Brown, Alba A. Bachelder, John Bowley, George R. Barker, John Christy, William W. Coon, Rodney Campbell, George W. Carr, David S. Clark, Warren E. Clark, J. Charles Currier, James H. Crombie, Harlan P. Clark, Henry E. Cunningham, William B. Cogswell, Isaiah A. Dustin, John T.G. Dinsmore, Jr., Henry G. Dillenback, Theodore Dinsmore, Alvin A. Davis, George M, Davis, Albert A. Davis, Frederic Davis, Albert D. W. Emerson, James Evans, George O. Everett, James H. Eaton, Nathan F. Flanders, Henry Forcer, George E. Fitch.
Derry, New Hampshire civil war soldiers honorably discharged
Derry, New Hampshire civil war soldiers honorably discharged
Honorably Discharged:
Lewis Foster, Nelson Foster, Jeremiah Garvin, Fred D. Gregg, Daniel G. George, Emmonds Hill, Benjamin W. Holmes, Warren P. Horne, John L. Holston, Charles Hatch, George I. Herrick, William M. Howe, William K. Hayes, Samuel Harvey, George A. Hill, Philip Jones, Simeon F. Kendall, Louis Londean, Frank A. Lincoln, John H. Lowe, John S. Loverin, Charels F. Mahaffey, George W. McKenney, Stephen Mills, William Major, Decatur McCartey, William A. McMurphy, Tenney Major, George E. Merrill, Nathan Morse, James E. Morrill, George Major, Robert W. McMurphy, Henry McMurphy, John Moulton, Herman Nichols, Perkins Nichols, Clarence E. Nesmith, Charles A. Nowell, Louis Nesmith, Daniel Owens, Francis Owens, Loami G. Pillsbury.
Derry, New Hampshire civil war soldiers honorably discharged
Derry, New Hampshire civil war soldiers honorably discharged
Honorably Discharged:
Benjamin F. Pettengill, William H. Palmer, Luke Poor, John Parker, Benjamin F. Rowe, Charles B. Radcliffe, Charles S. Reynolds, Nehemiah L. Richardson, George W. Randall, Matthew Senter, Benjamin H. Smith, Charles P. Stevens, Edwin Stevens, George W. Smith, Enoch Stevens, David C. Stevens, George F. Stevens, Henry A. G. Storer, Daniel Shattuck, Luther C. Stevens, Marcellus C. Shattuck, Thomas H. Simmington, George S. True, Henry Taylor, George B. Tuttle, Horace Tilton, Allan C. Taylor, William H. Thompson, Job F. Thomas, William H. Thomas, Thomas Tyrie, Norris C. Wiggin, John J. White, Timothy H. Wiggin, Charles F. Wheeler, Caleb F. Whidden, John E. Webster, William H. Wilson, Augustus A. Woodward, Kimball Wilson.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS Eliza Ilsley  May 1825Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I86016
2 ADAMS Rebecca P.  6 Jan 1816Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I79552
3 BARRON Willard Colonel  3 Apr 1790Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I11671
4 BEAN Mary  10 May 1871Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75681
5 BRADFORD Abbie C.  CA 1847Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I89595
6 CAMP Mary  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I97253
7 CHASE Elizabeth  10 Jun 1830Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96943
8 CHASE Harriet  22 Jan 1881Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74975
9 CHOATE Elizabeth Perkins  1 May 1823Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107809
10 CHOATE Humphrey  CA 1796Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107815
11 CHOATE James  29 Aug 1791Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91373
12 CHOATE Mary Ann  6 Jan 1822Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107817
13 CLENDENIN Eva A.  17 Nov 1876Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75729
14 CLENDENIN Robert J.W.  3 Jul 1847Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75680
15 COBB Betsy  31 Dec 1789Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I117071
16 COGSWELL Abigail  25 Oct 1795Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91374
17 COGSWELL Edward P.  17 Oct 1807Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I90339
18 COOMBS George Watson  1849Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107463
19 DAY John Walter  10 Jun 1877Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75730
20 DAY Mary H.  27 Oct 1872Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75740
21 DAY Ruth E.  15 May 1904Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75741
22 DIX Mary A.  Abt 1856Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74871
23 DOLAND Mary Ann  18 Feb 1829Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I80197
24 DUBEAU Joseph  6 May 1899Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75584
25 ELA Caroline  14 Dec 1815Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I95913
26 HEAD Jane E. Nowell  27 Aug 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75677
27 HEAD Mary Augusta  9 Mar 1856Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8915
28 HOUSTON Minnie F.  3 Jul 1882Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I76527
29 Dr. HOVEY Isaac Burnham  1 May 1790Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I81676
30 JACKMAN Sewell H.  Abt 1801Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73646
31 MESSER William  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I83375
32 MOODY Carol Ann  9 May 1946Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I76028
33 MORSE Alice  20 Feb 1810Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75661
34 MORSE Amelia Jane  20 Jul 1820Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I80631
35 MORSE Elizabeth  11 Jun 1812Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72769
36 NEWELL Benjamin Chase  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74978
37 NEWELL Henry Chase  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74977
38 NORCROSS Elizabeth Ruth  23 Jul 1930Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I25555
39 NORCROSS Malcolm Leland  9 Oct 1906Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I25550
40 NORCROSS Violet Elizabeth  13 May 1912Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I25551
41 NOURSE Polly  26 Apr 1799Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70914
42 Ensign NOYES Horace  3 Oct 1812Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8970
43 NOYES Silas  10 May 1777Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8512
44 NOYES William Hildreth  20 Sep 1815Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I20693
45 NUTT Bernice I.  1904Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75428
46 NUTT Herman Elwyn  1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75427
47 PERKINS John Bell  12 Aug 1828Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I100316
48 SMITH Carl E.  4 Feb 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75687
49 SMITH Gertrude A.  11 Oct 1895Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75686
50 SMITH James M.  1894Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75692

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARKER Frances M.  11 Jun 1921Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13267
2 CHASE Benjamin, Jr.  27 Sep 1912Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74973
3 CHOATE Humphrey  4 Oct 1870Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107815
4 CHOATE James  4 Oct 1861Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91373
5 CHOATE Mary Ann  8 Jan 1889Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107817
6 CLEAVELAND Abigail  11 Apr 1824Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I78880
7 COGSWELL Abigail  9 Aug 1855Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91374
8 COGSWELL John  28 May 1856Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I90279
9 Capt. DAVIS Francis  26 Nov 1784Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96395
10 DAY Ruth E.  21 Jul 2002Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75741
11 DEARBORN John E.  16 Jan 1925Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I119242
12 DICKEY Rebecca Pelham  21 Nov 1905Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75591
13 Deacon DUNCAN John  15 Nov 1799Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I112851
14 DURGIN Mary Lizzie  7 Dec 1927Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74927
15 Deacon ELA William  5 Jun 1865Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I95914
16 FARR Mary F.  8 Jun 1934Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I119233
17 FELLOWS Mehitable Ann  1 Feb 1904Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75721
18 FULLER Harriett Davenport  7 Jan 1912Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74974
19 GREENOUGH Charles Nathaniel  11 Oct 1921Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74649
20 KIMBALL Samuel  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72121
21 LINDGREN Joanne  13 Apr 2002Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70453
22 LOW Betsey  20 Feb 1881Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107816
23 MOODY Carol Ann  12 May 1946Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I76028
24 Dr. NEWELL Charles Edward, M.D.  6 Apr 1924Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74976
25 NOYES George W.  27 Apr 1912Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I9022
26 NOYES Melinda B.  25 Aug 1906Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8908
27 NOYES William O.  May 1901Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8910
28 SMITH James M.  1894Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75692
29 STEVENS Albert A.  12 Jun 1894Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107454
30 STEVENS Luther "Wallace"  21 Mar 1934Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107266
31 STEVENS Luther Calvin  25 May 1896Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107260
32 STICKNEY Ebenezer  3 Oct 1844Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75668
33 STICKNEY Sarah Ann  3 Jan 1864Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75665
34 Deac. UNDERHILL Hazen R.  27 Sep 1898Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75590
35 WHITE John  7 Mar 1855Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75666
36 WHITE Joseph  12 Apr 1905Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8909
37 WOODS Herman Thomas  30 Dec 1943Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I29287


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARKER Annie J.  Aft 18 Mar 1888Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75587
2 BARKER Benjamin  Aft 25 Mar 1893Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I46218
3 BARKER Frances M.  Aft 11 Jun 1921Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13267
4 BARKER George W.  1897Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I11936
5 BEAN James F.  1904Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75683
6 BEAN Mary  1955Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75681
7 BEAN Sylvia M.  1964Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75688
8 BJORK Arthur L.  1937Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75431
9 BRADSTREET Hannah  Aft 31 Dec 1872Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75667
10 BUCHANAN Florence Anne  Aft 13 Apr 1941Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74967
11 CANNEY Mary  1 May 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75767
12 CHASE Benjamin, Jr.  Aft 27 Sep 1912Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74973
13 CHASE Caroline Louise  Aft 2 Sep 1959Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74929
14 CHASE John Carroll  19 Apr 1936Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74928
15 CHOATE Humphrey  Aft 4 Oct 1870Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107815
16 CLARK Samuel O.  1928Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75691
17 CLENDENIN Eva A.  1959Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75729
18 CLENDENIN Robert J.W.  1909Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75680
19 COLBY Earle Noyes  1945Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75614
20 CORNING Clarissa  Aft 8 Dec 1893Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72029
21 CUMINGS Lenora W.  Aft 11 Jan 1874Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75709
22 CURRY Helen E.  1975Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75673
23 DAY John Walter  1956Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75730
24 DAY Ruth E.  Aft 21 Jul 2002Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75741
25 DUBEAU Joseph T.  1935Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75583
26 Deacon DUNCAN John  Aft 15 Nov 1799Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I112851
27 DURGIN Mary Lizzie  Aft 7 Dec 1927Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74927
28 FELLOWS Mehitable Ann  Aft 1 Feb 1904Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75721
29 FULLER Harriett Davenport  Aft 7 Jan 1912Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74974
30 GREENOUGH Charles Nathaniel  Aft 11 Oct 1921Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74649
31 HARDY Edwin H.  1981Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75645
32 HART Mary E.  1939Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74650
33 HEAD George W.  1906Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75672
34 HEAD Jane E. Nowell  1933Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75677
35 HEAD Mary Augusta  1940Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8915
36 HOLT Flora S.  1935Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75420
37 INGALLS Lucretia  1896Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I11934
38 LESLIE Sophia E.  1923Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75577
39 Dr. LORINI Raffaele, M.D.  Aft 7 Nov 1948Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74931
40 LOW Betsey  Aft 20 Feb 1881Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107816
41 Capt. LOW Eleazer  Aft 14 Mar 1834Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91379
42 MCCURDY Esther E.  Aft 10 Feb 2003Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75642
43 MCCURDY Prudence K.  Aug 1969Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75637
44 MCCURDY Ruth Lucille  Aft 22 Apr 2002Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75644
45 MERRILL Austin Guy  Aft 12 Mar 1881Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75766
46 MERRILL Maria Jane  Aft 8 Sep 1869Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75749
47 MILLER Eliza R.  1913Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8911
48 MOORE Catharine Abby  Aft 19 Mar 1897Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75662
49 MOORE John  Aft 30 Nov 1869Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75660
50 MOORE Laura Helen  Aft 15 Jan 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75663

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BARKER George W.  2 Jun 1880Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I11936
2 BEAN James F.  14 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75683
3 BEAN Mary  14 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75681
4 BEAN Sylvia M.  14 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75688
5 CARLETON Mary C.  31 Aug 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75702
6 CLENDENIN Augusta  27 Aug 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75734
7 CLENDENIN Caroline J.  27 Aug 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75736
8 CLENDENIN Eva A.  14 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75729
9 CLENDENIN Mary E.  27 Aug 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75735
10 CLENDENIN Phebe A.  27 Aug 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75737
11 CLENDENIN Robert  27 Aug 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75731
12 CLENDENIN Robert J.W.  27 Aug 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75680
13 CLENDENIN Robert J.W.  14 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75680
14 CLENDENIN Susan A.  27 Aug 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75733
15 CUMINGS Lenora W.  18 Jun 1860Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75709
16 CURRY Helen E.  9 Jan 1920Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75673
17 CURRY Helen E.  3 Apr 1930Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75673
18 DAY Charles H.  12 Jun 1880Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75738
19 DAY Charles H.  14 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75738
20 DAY John Walter  12 Jun 1880Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75730
21 DAY John Walter  15 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75730
22 DAY Mary H.  14 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75740
23 DEARBORN Emily Bell  15 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I119248
24 DEARBORN John E.  15 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I119242
25 DEARBORN Warren E.  15 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I119250
26 DUBEAU Joseph T.  15 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75583
27 FARR Mary F.  15 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I119233
28 FELLOWS Benjamin  6 Sep 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75722
29 FELLOWS Hannah  6 Sep 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75723
30 FELLOWS Mehitable Ann  8 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75721
31 HEAD George W.  31 Aug 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75672
32 HEAD George W.  25 Jun 1860Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75672
33 HEAD George W.  22 Jun 1870Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75672
34 HEAD George W.  14 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75672
35 HEAD Jane E. Nowell  25 Jun 1860Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75677
36 HEAD Jane E. Nowell  22 Jun 1870Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75677
37 HEAD Jane E. Nowell  14 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75677
38 HEAD Mary Augusta  25 Jun 1860Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8915
39 HEAD Mary Augusta  22 Jun 1870Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8915
40 HEAD Mary Augusta  14 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8915
41 HEAD Mary Augusta  9 Jan 1920Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8915
42 HEAD Nathaniel G.  22 Jun 1870Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75679
43 HEAD Philip J.  25 Jun 1860Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75678
44 HEAD Philip J.  22 Jun 1870Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75678
45 HOIT George Washington  4 Sep 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I63205
46 HOIT Moses  4 Sep 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I63203
47 INGALLS Lucretia  2 Jun 1880Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I11934
48 LESLIE Sophia E.  15 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I75577
49 MILLER Eliza R.  15 Jun 1900Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I8911
50 NICHOLS Perkins  27 Aug 1850Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I95863

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ADAMS Edmund  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I19029
2 ADAMS Edmund  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I35031
3 HILLS Charles  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74679
4 MERRILL John  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I95363
5 Deac. PARKER Nathaniel  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74644


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / ADAMS  Aft 9 Nov 1845Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F33818
2 BRICKETT / PARKER  4 Jul 1865Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F44367
3 BUCK / ELA  9 Apr 1835Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38218
4 CALEF / WEBSTER  10 Mar 1829Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F43001
5 CHASE / CARR  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38289
6 CHOATE / COGSWELL  5 Jun 1817Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F36278
7 DAY / CLENDENIN  Bef 1904Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F29438
8 DUBEAU / PIKE  1898Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F29374
9 ELA / MOORE  29 Oct 1812Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38219
10 HALE / ADAMS  Aft 14 Apr 1839Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F31063
11 LITTLE / MORSE  12 May 1842Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F31511
12 MOORE / MORSE  Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F29408
13 MORSE / LITTLE  15 Dec 1842Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38196
14 NEWELL / CHASE  22 Jan 1907Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F29127
15 ORDWAY / CHOATE  28 Aug 1851Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F43154
16 PAGE / MORSE  27 May 1891Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F31987
17 UNDERHILL / PARSONS  30 Jun 1878Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F29376
18 WHITE / STICKNEY  15 Apr 1851Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire F29410