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Mary JEWETT, wife of Moses NOYES, Jr.

Everyone seems to have at least one brick wall -- mine is my gggg-grandmother, Mary JEWETT, born in Maine ca. 1774 (1850 Sangerville, ME census) and published int. to marry Moses NOYES of North Yarmouth 4 Jul 1796 in Portland and 7 Jul 1796 in North Yarmouth. Moses NOYES, Jr. and Mary JEWETT were married 27 Aug 1796 in 2nd Parish Church Portland. They lived in North Yarmouth until his death June 1810 whereupon Mary and the children stayed with her father-in-law, Moses NOYES, Sr. of North Yarmouth. Mary then married Samuel EVELETH, 30 May 1812, and they lived in Guilford, Maine. After Samuel died she married William FARNHAM, 12 Feb 1818, in Guilford and they lived in Sangerville, Maine where they died. I have been able to follow her through the various census but have not been able to locate the names of her parents. I have located two JEWETT families in Portland in the late 1700's. Joseph and his brother Deacon James came from Newburyport to Portland in 1784 and were incorporators of the 2nd Parish Church of Portland. They married and had their children after the time Mary would have been born; they also do not seem to have been candidates for an earlier marriage. Rev. Caleb JEWETT was also in neighboring Gorham, Maine during this time but did not marry until 1783; none of his daughters named Mary. Caleb had a sister, Mary, but she was born in 1751. The web page for Mary (JEWETT) on my Noyes Genealogy web site may be accessed at -- it contains all the sources and citations for my research of Mary (JEWETT) to date. I have done a page-by-page search of all Mary/Polly/Molly JEWETTs in each of the four volumes of "History and Genealogy of the Jewetts of America" published by The Jewett Family In America, Inc. The only Mary JEWETT that I found during this time frame who could have been married to Moses Noyes was baptized 15 Jul 1770 in Rowley (Byfield Church), daughter of Amos & Ann (NOYES) JEWETT. "History and Genealogy of the Jewetts of America" has no further record of this Mary. Another Mary (Polly) JEWETT was born to Benjamin & Mary (DEARBORN) JEWETT in Hopkinton, N.H. and is listed with no birth date between their children born in 1765 and 1767. Each of the other Mary/Polly/Molly JEWETTs in this book, born in the proper time frame, are shown to be married to surnames other than NOYES and/or having children during the time Moses & Mary (JEWETT) NOYES were having their children. The 13 June 1860 census of Sangerville shows a Mary FARNHAM, age 89, living with the family of Joseph LITTLEFIELD. My Mary's 3rd husband, William FARNHAM, died 5 April 1856 so I wonder if this 1860 census Mary FARNUM might be his widow (problem is the 5 year age differential between 1860 and 1850 census). The only Mary FARNHAM of this approximate age in the 1850 Sangerville census is Mary, age 76, wife of William FARNHAM. I have always used the 1850 census to calculate Mary's approximate birth year of 1774. I have done a thorough page-by-page check of the original 2nd Parish Church, Portland, Maine register at the Maine Historical Society library in Portland. There is no mention of a Mary JEWETT in the register.
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